CoCo & Che Bar – Barnsley, Blackpool, Bradford, Doncaster, Stockton

coco2Willpower have been kept very busy with the re branding of some of the Brook Group’s prime venues into CoCo and Che Bars.

The Che Bars are focused both live entertainment and DJs and so the sound and light installations in each venue reflects these needs. Each venue boasts a number plasma and projection screens that allow a broad selection of media to be seen from any point within the venue.

CoCo is designed as the ultimate destination venue. Each club is equipped with a state of the art Turbosound audio sytem, multi-head lasers, sophisticated lighting and cutting edge LED dance floors that allow for both for graphics and music videos to be shown.

This has been a very challenging project, as our client wanted to keep each venue closed for the minimum amount of time possible while wishing to create the maximum impact and a completely new experience when each venue was relaunched.